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Nicholas “Nick” Adams is a percussionist and bandleader from Maple Grove, Minnesota.  In addition to fronting the jazz-fusion supergroup Liquid Vinyl, he plays with the youth jazz powerhouse Below Zero and the Tamberwood Quartet.  Adams was selected for the 2017-2018 Dakota Combo, an elite student ensemble under the supervision of Adam Linz and directly supported by the Dakota Foundation for Jazz Education.  He currently attends Totino-Grace High School, where he participates fully in a wide variety of musical activities.

Adams got his first drum set at the age of two, and started taking lessons when he was four.  He has studied with some of the finest musicians in the midwest, including Robert Adney (South Dakota Symphony), Steve Roehm (The New Standards), and Phil Hey (Phil Hey Quartet).

In 2014, Adams became a founding member of Below Zero, along with bassist Jorgen Linné and trombonist Jacob Rochell-Share.  After a short time, pianist August McKinney and saxophonist Noah Willhite joined the group.  That core quintet has not changed since 2015.  Below Zero performs across the Twin Cities regularly.

Adams created Liquid Vinyl in the summer of 2016.  This septet features Adams on drums, Ethan Bogle on piano, Bruce Acosta on guitar, Harry Menken on bass, Leighton Tuenge on trumpet, Thoger Boyum on alto sax, and Charley Menken on tenor sax.

In 2017, Harry and Charley Menken – members of Liquid Vinyl – invited Adams to join the Tamberwood Quartet along with pianist Robert Dean.

Besides music, Adams enjoys video games, science fiction movies, and books by J. R. R. Tolkien.